Prof. Dr. Laurent Kneip
School of Information Science and Techonolgy (1C-303E)
ShanghaiTech University
ZhongKe Road 1, 201210 Shanghai, China
Email: lkneip@shanghaitech.edu.cn
Phone: (021)20685359

Parking and Public Transport

Parking spots are available on-campus just in front of the school. Please make sure that you announce your arrival ahead of time, especially during the current Coronavirus situation. You would be registered in advance which then gives you access to the campus at the date.

Generally speaking, the idea is that you make it to one of the nearby Metro stations, from which you can get relatively easily to ShanghaiTech.

  • Station "Zhongke Road" (Metro line 13): Walking distance to the main entrance gate of the Campus (simply follow the ShanghaiTech signs, and walk direction west on Zhongke road until you reach the main gate of the campus).
  • Station "Jinke Road" (Metro line 2): Take exit 3 of the metro station, which brings you right to the bus stop. From here you can take the 1057 Bus or a Taxi to ShanghaiTech (about 15 RMB). If you take the bus, make sure to get off at "Huanke Road 199", which is the final stop.

How to get to those Metro stops: If you arrive at either PVG, SHA, or the Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station, you have direct connection to Metro line 2. If you arrive at Shanghai Railway Station of South Shanghai Railway Station, you can get onto Metro line 1 til "People's square", and then change to line 2. "Jinke road" stop lies on line 2. If you want to go to the nearby "Zhongke road" stop, stop at "Longyang road" (line 2 can bring you there, but also line 7), change to line 16, get off after 1 stop at "Huaxia Middle Road", change to line 13, and ride 1 stop towards "Zhongke road". Important: Line 16 has different routes, some stop everywhere, some don't. You need to catch one that stops everywhere (just ask for "Huaxia Middle Road"). Also note that, if you fly into PVG, you can take the Maglev train to Longyang road, which brings you close to ShanghaiTech after only a quick 7 minute ride.